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The uphill battle that is finding good people to work with
Greenroom Creative Team | 15 September 2016
I’m sure we all face different challenges when it comes to running a business. Capital can be raised. Infrastructure can be arranged too. And there is always a market and a potential client right around the corner. The one thing that always needs the maximum amount of attention is the people that work there. As cliched as it may sound, organizations, regardless of how big they are, are nothing without the people that work there. That currently remains the biggest challenge we face too. Greenroom is growing at a steady pace and churning out some good work which can be viewed at our very own youtube channel. (shameless plus). Obviously our desire to grow is not satiated just as yet. Which brings us to the title of this blog. There are a few openings in our team and we want people that would align with our values and help us offer the level of service and creativity that we believe every creative agency should strive for. The process of hiring we follow requires little in the way of
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Greenroom Creative – Formation and brief history
Greenroom Creative Team | 25 July 2016
Greenroom Creative is a collaboration that brought three organizations offering completely different services under one brand name. It is no easy task to bring three different organizations, each with their own work culture and teams, under one roof and get them to work together. The biggest challen
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